Don’t Let Blind Spots Compromise Patient Care

Enhance healthcare efficacy and outcomes with Arc Patient Timeline from Harris Healthcare.

Get a clear vision of your patients’ healthcare journey.

The lack of a comprehensive view of patient data can lead to inefficient healthcare delivery and potentially risk patient outcomes.

With Arc Patient Timeline

Enhancing Connectivity & Efficiency

Unified Patient Data

View the entire patient journey in one interface, eliminating the need to log in to separate systems.

Accessible Wherever You Are

Empower clinicians with seamless, anytime access for informed collaboration, wherever they are.

Leverage Your Current Systems

Effortlessly integrate and consolidate data from legacy systems.

Next-Generation Technology

Arc is built on a native FHIR data store and powered by Microsoft Azure.

We’ve been in the medical software space for over 40 years

Working closely with physicians and clinicians just like you. We understand the challenges you face and the need for efficient, accurate patient data. That’s why we’ve partnered with healthcare providers to develop the Arc Patient Timeline.

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